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Hawkins Velocity has many businesses that rely on us for all their vehicle and fleet management requirements. The first stage in any relationship is getting to know each other, and we go out of our way to take the time to understand your business and your vehicle requirements. This enables us to leverage our knowledge in all aspects of vehicle services to bring down the total cost of running your fleet.

Fleet Management
The demands of the market place require every business to be as efficient as possible, but in many cases small to medium size fleets of vehicles do not justify the expense of having a specialised Fleet Manager. Hawkins Velocity can provide that service as part of our relationship, working with you in the following areas:

Sales Fleet: Getting the right vehicle choice for your sales force is important to minimise the total cost of ownership but also to project the correct image for your business to the customers they are visiting. There are a myriad of factors in making the right choice, but Hawkins can provide advice that puts your sales force in high quality cars at a price that might surprise you.

Directors Cars: There are a number of Tax issues that affect the choice of company car these days, and Hawkins Velocity can quickly outline the tax implications of any vehicle, and highlight a selection of suitable vehicles depending on the your specific needs.

Commercial Vehicle Specification: Getting the right vehicles for your business in terms of carrying capacity in both volume and weight is important, especially when vehicles are being specialised in some way as mistakes can be expensive to correct.

Mileage Reviews
Our service does not stop at the point of vehicle delivery. During the life of the contract, we will work with you to conduct mileage reviews on each vehicle to make sure the contracts you enter continue to be appropriate for your requirements with the aim of minimising total costs.

Chiller Vans
Hawkins Velocity has worked with clients in the food industry for many years and we have built up significant knowledge in the chiller van market. We know that the cost of a malfunctioning chiller unit can be significant if a delivery of fresh produce such as meat or fish goes bad, so we have sourced top quality chiller backs for the vehicles we supply. We are happy to recommend these chiller backs as the feedback from our customers is very positive and they have stood up to the demanding rigours of food delivery over many years.